What is The Model United Nationals Assembly (MUNA)? 

The Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) is an initiative by Rotary to develop an understanding of World Affairs for Senior Secondary School Students in a forum similar to a General Assembly of the United Nations.   

The objective is to develop tolerance, international understanding, and world peace. What better way to give our future leaders an opportunity to consider significant issues confronting the world than through debating with their peers in a forum such as Model United Nations Assembly. We hope their experiences will influence many others in our quest for world peace.   


How does it run? 

Each team has three Year 11 or Year 10 students.  

They are allocated a nation to represent by the MUNA committee. Students are then be expected to become aware of the politics, economics, international affiliations, and real-life stance of world affairs of this nation. 

The sessions enable each participant to practise public speaking skills, to contribute as a member of a debating team and to learn about the procedures of formal debate in a situation that replicates ‘real world’ debating as far as possible 

Students are strongly encouraged to adopt their country’s national dress. There is a separate award to the team with the most appropriate/interesting national dress.