Breakfast For Shire Kids
Helping disadvantaged children with a healthy breakfast to start the day at school.
Surprisingly, within our Shire, many children arrive at their school without being given breakfast at home. This is where the School Breakfast Club steps in, providing nutritious meals for any child that presents at the school canteen and asks to be served.  By offering to all, no one child is identified as being the one neglected at home.

Our club has actively supported both Jannali and Kirrawee Public Schools with funds to provide nutritious breakfasts for their students.
Selwyn Williams
Principal - Kirrawee Public School
After 30 years of teaching I’ve seen that children who start the day without breakfast are disruptive and find it more difficult to concentrate than others that start the day well with a nutritious breakfast.  We are ever grateful to the Rotary club of Sutherland for providing funds that allows our P and C helpers to prepare our students for the lessons ahead .