The Fathering Project
Sadly in "the Lucky Country" many children are denied a close and loving relationship with their father, it may be through a divorce, illness of one parent, drug or alcohol abuse or unemployment.
Fortunately, there is an organisation dedicated to bringing children and fathers together.
The Fathering Project is an Australian non-profit organization that aims to improve the well-being and outcomes of children by supporting fathers and father figures.  They provide resources, programs, and events that promote positive father-child relationships and encourage fathers to become more involved in their children's lives.  Their initiatives include father-child bonding activities, parenting workshops, and mentorship programs for fathers.
To launch the program in Loftus Public School, the Rotary Club of Sutherland has donated $550 as a starter pack.  John Kirkland (School Partnerships Manager) said the donation would part fund the school’s membership for 12 months and provide the school with information and resources for fathers and father figures as well as help the school facilitate dads and kids events to strengthen school/family partnerships, increase community engagement amongst dads and support the school’s wellbeing priorities.
Loftus returns to The Fathering Project and joins over 350 schools around Australia that enjoy these opportunities to build strong relationships.
The Fathering Project collaborates with schools, community groups, and businesses to create a supportive network for fathers, and they have reached thousands of families across Australia since their founding in 2013
We hope to continue our relationship with The Fathering Project in the year ahead.
John Kirkland
John is passionate about seeing fathers become the best dads they can be. He knows the effect fathers have on the lives of their children is profound.  As a part of The Fathering Project, Australia's leading fathering initiative, he engages with fathers and father figures through programs, activities, evidence-based resources, and targeted learning strategies to raise up the role of fathering and inspire men to increasingly engage with their kids.